Importance of vegan food

For most people, food plays a big part in our lives. Recently people are becoming more conscious of the food that we eat and seem to have more of an interest in it.

Since I have become vegan people seem to always ask me the question ‘What do you eat?’ as though they are completely unaware that there is a whole variety of amazing vegan restaurants/cafes out there. Also the endless possibilities of things you can do with all the fruits, Vegetable, grains and other foods to choose from cooking for yourself. The myth seems to be that vegans are pining for foods they can not eat and have to make do with a restricted diet.

King Cook’s ‘CookDaily’/‘Home_ldn’ restaurants In Croydon and Shoreditch, Boxpark ‘Owned by real chefs’ is one of the perfect examples of taking simple ingredients such as vegetables and rice and turning it into one of the best meals you would have ever tasted. Another great example is Italian restaurant FedByWater in Dalston, Hackney, proving you can still enjoy a delicious pizza or spaghetti carbonara and lots of other Italian dishes without causing harm to any animals or the planet. Whether you are more health conscious, or prefer indulging in some comfort food there are options covering all aspects of eating, from mac ’n’ cheese to pulled ‘jackfruit’ burgers, sushi, curry, thai, Chinese, Ice cream, cheese, pancakes, cakes, whatever you think of there will be a vegan replacement.

I personally feel that since choosing to go vegan I have eaten some of the best food in my lifetime and met some incredible people on the way. The effort, passion and creativity that goes into every meal really shows itself and I feel that by raising the awareness of the choices that vegan food can offer, people may find it easier to make the transition. The more we show some love and support for these people, the more they will be able to expand their creativity and reach people they may not have been able to before. In the relatively short time that I have been vegan I can say that I have missed nothing and eat well. The question for us is how do we get rid of the myth forever and encourage more people to try an alternative lifestyle.