I love cooking. But for many of those looking to convert to a plant based diet it can seem quite daunting and difficult not knowing what to cook. These are 3 books are full of incredible plant based recipes that I’d highly recommend if your looking for some inspiration and ideas.

River Cottage Much More Veg: 175 delicious plant-based vegan recipes
This is the book I’ve probably cooked from most, I must of cooked at least 1/3 of the recipes in this book so far and all have them have been great! I tend to cook for my non-vegan family most nights and they also haven’t been disappointed with anything I’ve cooked from this book so far. It has a great variety of plant based recipes and none of them are difficult to make. All the ingredients I’ve come across have been easy to access at my local supermarket and being whole food plant based they’re all very nutritious!






Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen

Indian cuisine is easily up there with one of my favourites full of incredible spices and flavours. So this book was a great find for me. Ive also worked my way through a lot of the recipes in this in this book and still haven’t been disappointed with any. In this book Richa shows how easy it is to make all of the traditional indian meals and make them plant based. Some are very simple and others require a few more ingredients but are definitely worth doing! He even has a list of store cupboard essentials and explains how to use different spices and ingredients. It has everything from vegan ‘paneer’ to Savoury chickpea pancakes and lots of dhal’s.Cheap and easy cooking!






Another Dinner Is Possible by Isy & Mike
This cookbook is one of a kind, Ive not actually cooked from it and I have no idea why! It literally has everything! Including a guide on how to make your own beers, wines and cider! Aside from the incredible range of recipes, they talk about topics such as, ‘Nutrition’, ‘Children and food’ (A personal account of how parents have coped with a vegan diet), ‘Cooking on a large scale’, ‘How to grow your own ingredients’ and ‘Throw it away Culture’. This book is probably the most well informed cookbook I’ve ever come across!

Plant based cooking is far from boring and these books all prove that point. Don’t be intimidated if your looking to convert to a vegan diet, the options are limitless and its becoming more accessible throughout the world!