Three months into my vegan journey and fast approaching my first vegan Christmas, it seems like a good time to take stock. It has been a journey full of surprises, long overdue, with a certain destination but less certainty about what the journey would feel like to experience. I have met new people, visited new places and enjoyed the most amazing range of dishes from fine dining to street food. I now know that vegans travel and make the effort to experience a wide range of eating opportunities. Every dish has been carefully thought out and presented with a lot of pride. I have been asked the questions… What do you miss most? and…What was hardest thing to give up? The simple and completely honest answer to both is NOTHING. In fact, I now eat a far better and more interesting range of foods than ever before.

I have noticed those around me are interested in what I eat and are keen to sample everything so I think that others are starting to consider their own positions about exploring veganism. At an age where so much of life is established it is great to have a new adventure to begin. I am excited as I look forward to 2017 and the start of ‘WE ARE ONE’ the new lifestyle business that Sandy will shortly launch. I am sure that it will be a valuable addition to the wider community and an opportunity for him to share his core beliefs with others.

I hope that the festive season brings peace, hope, joy and love to all living things.