The idea of detoxing is often at its most popular in the period after Christmas. This is the point when well intentioned new year resolutions have been abandoned giving a real sense of personal failure and we are faced with a long period of “more of the same” which can close in on people. There are many suggested courses of physical detox, some are extreme, that people consider in the hope that cleansing the body will solve their situation or create the perfect body. This is in part correct but masks the most important detox we should consider which lies in our minds. 



It is frequently the case that we live our lives surrounded by various levels of fear. This can be such a difficulty that if we are not careful fear becomes the main driver for all that we do. Fear of failing at work or socially. Being seen as a failure by others. Failing in the personal goals we set ourselves, including those designed o improve our lives. Fear of not having a meaningful or successful life. Fear of illness and human mortality. These fears real or imagined can combine to create a negative mind set and a negative opinion of ourselves. We then find that life is lived through this dark cloud which we have, at least to a degree, created ourselves.

In my next two contributions to this blog, on the next two Monday’s, I will offer some steps to detox the mind as a self help tool.

Jeff Blyth