Below I have listed some of the videos that were the most influential to me to begin my transition to Veganism. They also helped me to realise how important it is that we show compassion to the Animals, the Planet and ourselves and that we can all benefit from such small but powerful and positive changes in our day to day life. I hope that by sharing these Speeches/videos that you may also realise the truth behind all of this and have a better understanding as to why we should all be moving towards becoming vegan.

I’d Love to Stop Being Vegan (Tim Shieff)

Gary Yourofsky Compilation

Best speech you will every hear (Gary Yourofsky)

This Speech is your wake up call (James Aspey)

 There are many other powerful videos out there such as Earthlings and Cowspiracy, but these were the ones I happened to come across first and really connect with and understand. So if you want to look further into this then I’d recommend checking our more videos on their youtube channels as they are all very passionate about the subject.

Much Love to you all,