Welcome to We-Are-One

I’m Sandy and have created this blog to pursue and express the things I enjoy doing most, but in a way that will contribute to having a positive impact on our planet, our health and the general wellbeing of all living things. As I believe that although on the surface we may all seem very different, in essence We-Are-One.


As the world has developed, the majority of people have lost sight of our true nature and have become caught up in the desires of form such as Fame, Fortune and Power instead of having fun, connecting with each other and enjoying life. This subconscious way of living has caused a severe negative impact on not just ourselves but also on the planet and everything that lives and breathes. By creating this ‘business’ and sharing my journey with you I’m hoping to be able to help people become aware of the unnecessary damage we are causing and show that by being at one with nature we can learn more about ourselves and create a more peaceful, happy, healthy and compassionate way of life.


I live a plant based lifestyle and have a passion for many things such as, Martial Arts, Food, Fitness, Learning and studying  aspects of life which contribute to creating a better, more optimised and fulfilled state of living and being. 

Wishing you all health and happiness,