At WeAreOne we believe that all beings are equal and connected on a deep level. We may all look, feel and see things differently, but in essence we all stem from the same thing (or no-thing.) The Life force that runs through all of us is our essence and what connects us, making ‘us’, ‘One’.

Our aim is to create a better, more positive and free well-being for all living things and a better environment to live in. We hope to build a community that connects, understands, shares and helps each other grow.

Don’t be too sucked in to the deep stuff though, having fun is probably the most important element. Expressing yourself fully and trying not to take life too seriously is a big part of our philosophy!

We have many passions we hope to share such as, food, movement, travel and living a plant based, more ethical, positive and healthy lifestyle.

We hope that everyone can gain something beneficial/positive from this message and hope with your support that it grows into something incredible and spreads throughout the world!


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